An Ideal Summer Day

Happy Saturday! Welcome back to our page! Today’s forecast is a wonderful start to the weekend. Don’t miss out on spending time outdoors today, as any active weather is to be expected for tomorrow. Outlook for Today There won’t be many clouds in the sky at all throughout the day. This leads us to tell […]

This Day in History: The 1917 Ohio River Ice Jam

On December 16, 1917 an ice jam closed the Ohio River from Warsaw, KY to Rising Sun, IN. This area of the Ohio River is located between northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. According to David Ludlum, the ice jam reached 30 feet high and lasted 58 days. This backed up trading traffic on the Ohio […]

This Day in History: Epic Temperature Drop

A system is approaching this weekend that promises a massive temperature drop. According to model data, the temperature may drop some 30 to 40 degrees in 24 hours. An early breakdown of this event was just written by Pierce Larkin. Let’s be honest, a 30 to 40 degree temperature drop in 24 hours is pretty […]

Wild Weather Week in Kentucky Recap

Not only did the entire state of Kentucky see a significant winter storm last Monday, but all sorts of weather impacted the region last week.   Much of south central Kentucky saw 8 to 12 inches of snow with the winter storm last week. There were even some reports of 14 inches in central Kentucky. […]

Bowling Green Winter Weather History

In light of the snowstorm that just hit Kentucky, I’m sure many folks have wondered how does that compare to previous snowstorms? How about the cold. Is this the coldest it has ever been? Here is some interesting winter climate history for Bowling Green, Kentucky. Top 10 Snowiest Months: 32.0” March 1960 26.0” February 1929 […]

High Winds 14 Years Ago

On July 11, 2000 a severe thunderstorm pummeled southern Kentucky with high winds. This storm impacted Butler, Warren, and Barren counties between 6-8pm. Widespread wind gusts of at least 50mph were seen and numerous trees were downed across the three counties. The downburst that caused the 104 mph wind gust was responsible for snapping some power poles […]

Weather History

We saw storms today that produced some decent rainfall totals in places that saw precipitation. These rainfall totals have nothing on the storms that caused extreme flooding across southern Kentucky and Tennessee 45 years ago today. On June 23, 1969 storms rolled across the area packing very heavy rain. Bowling Green experienced its wettest day […]