An Ideal Summer Day

Happy Saturday! Welcome back to our page! Today’s forecast is a wonderful start to the weekend. Don’t miss out on spending time outdoors today, as any active weather is to be expected for tomorrow.

This’ll be you after reading today’s forecast, I promise! (Giphy)

Outlook for Today

There won’t be many clouds in the sky at all throughout the day. This leads us to tell you that the storm chances for today are no more. Tomorrow, we will see those familiar pop-up storms return into the forecast.

In short, conditions will be favorable for everyone to spend outdoors. We will see temperatures reach the 90 degree mark, but not exceed much higher than that. Although it’ll still be muggy, we’ll have some relief with calm winds and a lower heat index.

Temperatures from 12pm-5pm today, per the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Beat the Heat

As always, our team encourages for you to beware of the dangerous heat that the summer brings us. If we spread awareness, we can all prevent heat related deaths together!

To put into perspective how deadly the temperature in your car can become with today’s conditions, refer to the blocks below. Above is the time elapsed from when you’ve that you’ve locked up your car and below is the temperature within your vehicle. Turn on that AC!

10 Minutes


30 Minutes


60 Minutes


Due to the lack of cloud coverage, the UV Index is set to be 10 today. Make sure you stay hydrated and wear clothing that will protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Even better, apply sunblock with SPF-15+ every now and then throughout the day.

(Environmental Protection Agency)

Today in Weather History

On July 11th, 1990, Denver, Colorado was the epicenter for our country’s costliest hailstorm. At the time, total damage was over $600 million. However, reports say that today, it’s over $1 billion and counting.

What made this event so special is how massive the hailstones were. Swaths up to 10 miles wide dropped softball-sized hail onto the city, completely devastating any structure or car in its path.

Locals show off remnants of the hailstorm (CBS News)
Destroyed windows of a local business (CBS News)

For fun, below is how the National Weather Service classifies the size of hail when reporting it to the public. We can see that Denver saw hailstones at the top of the scale! Isn’t that crazy?

National Weather Service Hail Conversion Chart (NWS)

That’ll do it for today! We hope your weekend is unforgettable. Follow us on our other platforms @wxornotBG (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) for more!