Weekend Brings Heavy Rain to Region

Much needed rainfall continues to fall in drought stricken regions such as California and the Nations heartland. Here is a look at the 14 day precipitation totals across the U.S. Clearly the south central plains have been the bulls eye for the rainfall over the past several weeks with as much as 15 inches of […]

Much Needed Rain in California

Some much needed rain is headed to parts of California, a state that is experiencing a long term historical drought. The United States Drought Monitor  shows almost have the state in an exceptional drought (the worst drought). This drought has had a big impact on the NAPA Valley and many farming communities around the state. The […]

Nice Bowling Green Weather Turns Stormy By Weekend

Today – Mostly Sunny – High 74˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear– Low 52˚ We seemed to skip over all the nice days this spring as we were wet all of April and then jumped straight into the mid 80’s by the start of May. This week is attempting to make up for those lost days. […]

NASA Cloud Atlas

This is a map from NASA of 13 years of cloud cover. The white areas show where there has been considerable cloud cover and the blue areas show where there has been little to no clouds. The Washington Post wrote an article discussing the atmospheric circulations this image reveals. “You can see that clouds form […]

Rainy Weather Returns to Bowling Green

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today – Scattered Storms – High 86˚ / Tonight – Iso’d Showers & Storms – Low 66˚ Summer-like temperatures remain across the region this weekend, but will be accompanied by scattered showers and storms every day. While no day will be a washout, keep an umbrella handy and an eye on […]

Woman Drowns in Tornado Shelter in Oklahoma

A sad story out of Oklahoma yesterday as a woman died while in her tornado shelter. Several tornado warned storms passed over the Oklahoma City Metro yesterday, but it wasn’t a tornado that took this woman’s life, it was the flooding from numerous storms packing heavy rain. The precipitation analysis from yesterday shows between 6 […]

Warm and Sunny in Bowling Green

Today – AM Fog; Mostly Sunny – High 85° / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 60° It’s hard to believe that only two short months ago, Bowling Green had 7 inches of snow on the ground and parts of the region had over 2 feet. No worries in the snow department for this week as we will […]

Nepal Earthquake Shrinks Mount Everest

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that impacted Nepal on April 25th has reshaped the land in the southeast Asian region. The city of Kathmandu, India has actually risen several feet in places while Mt. Everest is an inch shorter than before the quake. In an article by Weather Underground, they discussed how radar was used to […]

Kentucky Derby & Oaks Forecast

  The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby looks quite nice this year! Sunshine and temperatures in the low 70’s looks like a good bet for both Friday and Saturday. Kentucky Oaks High 72 – Mostly Sunny, Low 52 – Partly cloudy After some rain showers possible during the Derby Parade today, High pressure will […]

A Mostly Fun in the Sun Forecast

Today – Partly Sunny – High 66˚ / Tonight – Chance of Showers – Low 50˚ Today won’t be bad at all. Scattered clouds may block the sun from time to time, but overall the sun will be visible for a good portion of the day and we will stay dry. That’s two things we rarely saw the […]