Snowfall Impacts Great Lakes States Over the Weekend

Each wintertime, plenty of snowfall impacts the Great Lakes region of the US. The proximity to warm lake waters and cold air creates a combination that produces a lot of precipitation along the lake shores and inland from them. Late last week and into this past weekend, a major outbreak of Arctic air spread southward […]

Snow Continues to Pile Up in the Northeast

  The snow continues to pile up across the Northeast. A 20 to 40 inch blanket of snow currently smothers a path from New York to Maine, which has resulted over the last several weeks due to one large storm after another. So… why has winter all of a sudden decided to show up in […]

Why The NWS in New York Shouldn’t Be Destroyed

As many of you know, parts of the Northeast, and especially New England, have been impacted by a crippling blizzard. Boston has entered the top 5 snowfalls all time, and areas around Boston have been slammed by this system. However, this system produced what is already being called a botched storm by many in areas […]

Blizzard Currently Impacting Northeast

Here is a look at the initial stages of the Blizzard currently impacting the coastal regions of the Northeast. New York City to Boston will be measuring snow accumulations in feet. Folks in these parts are in for a big one! Snow is already covering Brooklyn. @spann Early hours of #Blizzard2015 in Brooklyn, New York […]

Buffalo Blizzard Drone Footage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve more than likely heard about the extreme lake effect snow event that has dumped several FEET of snow on Buffalo, New York and surrounding areas.  Several people have lost their lives during this event.  The enormous weight of the snow pack has caused several […]

Update on Buffalo Snow

All eyes have been on Buffalo, NY as heavy lake-effect snow pounds the snowbelt. Up to 65 inches of snow (that’s over five feet!) have fallen in Buffalo suburbs so far, and more is unfortunately on the way. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, has issued a state of emergency for 10 of the snowbelt […]

Nearly 3 ft of Snow in 24 Hours in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York saw nearly 3 feet of snow in 24 hours yesterday as a Lake effect snow band slammed into the area. Communities in and around the Buffalo area are digging out of their houses after drifts buried their front doors! Some people had to be rescued from their vehicles on as snow quickly […]

New York’s “Self-Inflicted Calamity”

I recently found a fantastic article on Discover Magazine, discussing New York’s “Self-Inflicted Calamity.”  This calamity being the development & reclaiming of urbanized areas on wetlands and flood-prone areas.  The piece focuses on the effects that Hurricane Sandy had and continues to have on locations along the Northeast coast. The article dives deep into the […]

New York State Supercell Thunderstorm

There was a rare supercell thunderstorm in New York state yesterday. This was not forecast to occur, and will likely be a focus of several case studies to come. The supercell had a representation on radar of that you would expect in the Plains, where supercells most often occur.   Tornado signature on radar west […]