Two Spring Days Before Winter Returns Overnight Friday

Chilly Morning You may think winter has already returned when you walk out the door this morning, but just wait until Saturday morning… High pressure currently over south-central Kentucky will be followed by a strong cold front providing us two spring days before winter returns overnight Friday. Spring Day 1 Today, the high will reach […]

Mediocre Weekend Weather

A rainy Saturday is on tap across the region. This will pretty much be the start of some mediocre weekend weather. Light showers are currently moving across the region this morning as temperatures are in the low to mid 40s. We should warm into the low 50s with showers sticking around for most of the […]

Northeast US Sees Fireball Last Night

Across the Northeast US last night, there was a large fireball reported to streak across the night sky. It was seen across 9 states, plus southeastern portions of Canada. According to the American Meteor Society, they have received, “…425 reports so far about a fireball event over Northeastern US on May 17th 2016 around 12:50am EDT.” […]

Snowiest Cities in America this Winter

Since the beginning of the new year, the buzz in the weather world has revolved around record snow storms, with our attention constantly on the northeast to see what all the region can endure. But how much snow is that exactly? And who has been hit the hardest? The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang wrote […]

Snow Continues to Pile Up in the Northeast

  The snow continues to pile up across the Northeast. A 20 to 40 inch blanket of snow currently smothers a path from New York to Maine, which has resulted over the last several weeks due to one large storm after another. So… why has winter all of a sudden decided to show up in […]

The Northeast Is Bracing For Another Big Snow

After two consecutive weeks of fairly significant winter storms across the Northeastern United States, it is looking like they are bracing for another significant winter storm. Winter storm watches are already out along a line from Buffalo, New York to Boston, Massachusetts and northward from there. Accumulations are expected to only added up on top of […]

Boston Strong

Earlier this week, while a blizzard was slamming the northeast, some strength of community was restored to the city of Boston. Photographs were released around social media Tuesday, showing a man shoveling off the iconic finish line for the Boston Marathon. Police reached out to the public using the hashtag #WhoShoveledTheFinishLine to find the mystery man. […]

Blizzard Slams the Northeast

While many of us here in Bowling Green did our “happy dance” when it snowed yesterday, those in the northeast have been bracing the harsh impacts of a blizzard. Southern New England – from Long Island to Massachusetts –  has taken the biggest beating from the blizzard, with two feet of snow and counting. As […]

Blizzard Currently Impacting Northeast

Here is a look at the initial stages of the Blizzard currently impacting the coastal regions of the Northeast. New York City to Boston will be measuring snow accumulations in feet. Folks in these parts are in for a big one! Snow is already covering Brooklyn. @spann Early hours of #Blizzard2015 in Brooklyn, New York […]