Drone Flies Over Icelandic Volcano

Earlier today on Good Morning America, two drones gave viewers a spectacular look into the erupting Bardarbunga volcano located in Iceland. This volcano is situated on the largest glacier in Iceland – Vatnajokull – which takes up 10% of the country’s area. Bjorn Oddsson from the National Icelandic Civil Protection joined GMA Meteorologist Ginger Zee and Eric Cheng from […]

Buffalo Blizzard Drone Footage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ve more than likely heard about the extreme lake effect snow event that has dumped several FEET of snow on Buffalo, New York and surrounding areas.  Several people have lost their lives during this event.  The enormous weight of the snow pack has caused several […]

NOAA sends Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters released unmanned Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard Monday.  The aircrafts were sent in to fly near the ocean surface to collect data.  The following is an excerpt from an article released by NOAA Monday morning: “NOAA hurricane hunters entered a new chapter in the use of unmanned aircraft systems today when scientists […]