One More Mild Day Today Before Temperatures Plummet

Good morning, WABBLES community! April is just a few short days away, and believe it or not, before it’s here, we will see rain showers and cooler temperatures. In fact, be prepared to enjoy one more mild day today before temperatures plummet.

Frosty The Snowman Winter GIF by filmeditor
Temperature fluctuating over the next couple of days. (

Picture Perfect Tuesday (Day)

The heading speaks for itself in this case. Simply put, today will be a picture perfect spring day with the high climbing to the mid 70s featuring plenty of sunshine. It may feel a bit breezy at times with the wind coming in from the south around 15mph.

The HRRR shows the temperature climbing into the low 70s in the afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

Cloud clover for the most part will be non-existent until we reach supper time where they begin to build in out ahead of cold front that will bring us rain starting around 7pm. See below for the details on the rain.

Not-So Picture Perfect Tuesday (Night)

As stated above, rain will move into the WABBLES area beginning this evening out ahead of a cold front on its way. Expect this rain to last all through the night and take the form of scattered showers up until Wednesday around lunch time. The low overnight will dip down to the mid 40s.

Surface Map shows a cold front approaching the western KY border with rain showers out ahead of it to impact the region this evening. (wpc)

From this system, expect about an inch of rain to accumulate.

Temperatures Bottom Out

The rest of the day on Wednesday will be mostly cloudy as a low pressure system to our south progresses eastward. Then, come Wednesday night is when we begin to see the temperatures bottom out.

Though it will be dry, the low will drop to about 30 degrees in the early morning hours of Thursday causing for widespread frost across the region. (Yikes).

Map of the contiguous US shows much of the country experiencing below freezing temperatures early Thursday morning.

Thursday will be mostly sunny but don’t let the sun fool you, we won’t make it out of the 40s. Thursday night into early Friday morning, we will again freeze over but this time with a low of 25. Make sure to cover any newly planted buds!

That just about does it for today. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy the day!