Heavy Snow Leads To I-93 Pileup In New Hampshire

During the mid morning hours of Friday, Interstate 93 in New Hampshire experienced a burst of heavy snow.  This snow quickly slicked up the roadways, along with reducing the visibility of traveling motorists.  A large I-93 pileup occurred as a result.

pileup on 93 in new hampshire. we are fine. #snow #traffic #newhampshire

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According to the Capital Weather Gang

A heavy snow squall caused dozens of cars to pile up on Interstate 93 in New Hampshire on Friday morning. Flurries began to fly on I-93 north of Ashland, N.H., around 7 a.m., but within a half hour, what had started as light snow turned into white-out conditions as a heavy band set up that stretched over 50 miles across central New Hampshire.

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Remember friends, if traveling can be avoided during winter weather events, please do so. Always use extra caution during the winter season. There was not any major winter weather forecast for this area in New Hampshire, this was simply caused by a quick burst of heavy snow.