Breaking Down Monday’s Severe Threat

What started off as a wonderful Sunday has made way to increasing cloud cover and scattered showers this afternoon. Temperatures were able to achieve the mid 60s thanks to stout, southerly winds earlier, so at least we had that going for us… Cloud cover will hang around tonight, before potential inclement weather arrives as we […]

Fallstreak Hole Appears Over Australia

A rare ‘Fallstreak Hole‘ appeared over Australia earlier today.  The National Weather Service describes a fallstreak hole as follows: A fallstreak hole (also known as a “hole punch cloud”) is a large circular or elliptical gap that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Fallstreak holes can result from a number of things, one being […]

El Niño Impacts On The USA

El Niño is a climate concept that occurs when the tropical Pacific Ocean waters become warmer than average.  It has been known to play a part in producing extreme weather events across the US, while also altering our climate to some degree. I know all of this weather and climate mumbo-jumbo can get confusing, but […]

Honey Moon This Friday

This Friday (June 13th) we’ll get to experience the “Honey Moon.”  The reasoning behind the “Honey Moon” nickname was given in the 1550s due to so many weddings that took place in June around this lunar event.   The moon was also given this nickname due to its honey-like coloration.  The forecast currently calls to partly […]

Winter Storm Hoopla

Grab a chair and some popcorn.  This next system’s worth watching. Tonight – Iso’d Rain & Snow Showers – Low 35˚ A weak disturbance will pass northeast across our proximity tonight, creating chances at light rain & snow showers.  These will be few and far between, with no real impacts expected.  I fully anticipate the […]

Friday Afternoon Update

Ollie’s weekend forecast is an accurate one… This Afternoon – Scat’d Showers, BREEZY – High 63˚ / Tonight – Showers & Storms Likely – Low 56˚ 3pm 63˚ ~ 6pm 61˚ ~ 9pm 60˚ ~ 12am 60˚ ~ 3am 59˚ Scattered showers have pestered the region today, however, we should see precipitation expand in coverage […]

Colorado Flooding

Record flooding has occurred in Colorado over the past several days, and it may get worse.  It is estimated that localized areas have seen 15-20+” of rainfall over the past 4-5 days.  The photo above is just one example of the extensive damage caused by the flooding.  Highly populated areas such as Denver and Boulder […]