High Pressure Brings Back Sunny Conditions

Good morning, everyone! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to dry out from the torrential rains on Sunday. The dreary conditions will finally subside as high pressure brings back sunny conditions today.

Sunday’s rain made it hard to remember the sun existed. giphy.com

Quiet, Pleasant Weather Today

Before I get into today’s forecast, I just wanted to remind everyone to be aware of standing water that may still be around from the flooding rains.

This morning, the air feels quite chilly as temperatures hover right around freezing. This sunshine will be a little deceiving making it look warmer than it actually is, especially due to the spring-tease we experienced last week. All in all, we will climb to a high temperature in the mid to high 40s today.

32 degrees is where we are hovering this morning. (Pivotal Weather)

A high pressure system that is set up along the Ohio River Valley is what is to thank for the sunny, calm conditions today. As the old saying goes, the high keeps us dry!

A high-pressure centered right over Ohio is what will give us such great weather today. (wpc)

Overnight, however, a slight disturbance will pass to our south and could bring a shower or two to our southern-most communities. Other than that, conditions overnight will be mostly cloudy with a low of 33.

Clear Conditions For the Remainder of the Week

After the clouds move out Wednesday morning from the disturbance Tuesday night, the remainder of the week is setting up to be absolutely beautiful.

Aside from the low off the coast of the Carolinas, there is nothing really noteworthy occurring on the reflectivity map for the lower-48 on Wednesday in general.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will feature mostly sunny conditions with highs in the mid to high 50’s. I think this is mother nature’s way of saying “sorry” for all the rain dropped on us over the weekend.

That’s all for today! Be sure to follow our live weather feed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, @wxornotBG. Have a great week.