Trend of Plentiful Sunshine Persists

It’s Wednesday! Are you loving this trend or what? If so, you’ll love today’s post. In short, the entire community of WABBLES will have its fair share of sunshine for not only today, but the remainder of the week.

Sunshine, you say?

A Beautiful Day in Store for Us

Today, our region of the country will remain within the overruling high pressure that will be the recurring story for the remainder of the week. In other words, expect plentiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures. We hope that you can find the time to get outdoors as much as possible this week!

Predicted surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

We will start out with temperatures in the lower 30’s up until about late morning. By the afternoon, we will see a high in the upper 50’s, potentially surpassing the 60 degree mark. Into the evening, temperatures will cool off into the lower 40’s.

Projected temperatures for today from midnight to 7am (Pivotal Weather)

Our main concern will be a UV Index that ranges from 5 to 6 within our community. If you do go outdoors, make sure you seek shelter during the late morning and mid-afternoon. We recommend you wear sunblock of SPF-15 or protective clothing and accessories, such as hats and sunglasses.

(Environmental Protection Agency)

Forecast on Repeat

For the rest of the week, this trend of disturbance-free, beautiful weather will stick around. We will have rather uniform temperatures, with high’s reaching the 50’s and low’s lingering in the lower 30’s. What could be better than that?

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading! We hope you can get outdoors today! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more!