Incoming System Will Bring Threat for Excessive Rainfall

Good morning to you! How was your weekend? We hope wonderful! In today’s post, we will take a look at the two rounds of soaking showers that are to come this week, the dry weekend ahead, and even the upcoming week!

Friendly reminder for this week…(NWS)

Here Comes the Rain

(Outlook for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)

For the start of the week, cloud cover will increase ahead of an incoming disturbance. Whereas Monday may have a few showers scattered throughout the community, Tuesday will have widespread showers. These will remain for the entirety of Tuesday, so be sure to grab an umbrella before leaving for work.

Our main threat will be excessive rainfall, introducing the potential for scattered flash flooding. On the way to and from the workplace, drive slowly and with caution. Beware of low-lying areas, as well as small streams and washes, as these will be the most vulnerable to significant accumulation of rainfall.

As always, do not underestimate the power of water; turn around, don’t drown!

Outlook for excessive rainfall for Tuesday (Storm Prediction Center)

We will catch a break from these soaking showers on Wednesday, as conditions will remain gloomy, but dry.

On the bright side, those spring-time temperatures will stick around for both Monday and Tuesday, as high’s will be around the 70 degree mark. Thanks to the consistent showers that kick off the week, Wednesday will be cooler, as temperatures will peak around the 50 degree mark.

Round Number Two

(Outlook for Thursday and Friday)

There will be more rain in our forecast a second round of showers is anticipated for Thursday. These will be widespread and likely for the entirety of the day. Once again, threats for excessive rainfall will arise, with a potential for scattered flash flooding.

Projected precipitation for the entirety of Thursday (Pivotal Weather)

On Friday, early risers may catch a shower or two, but the brunt of the excessive precipitation will have occurred already. Thus, the roadways may be slippery on the morning commute, so stay cautious. Other than that, skies will stay mostly cloudy, but this will be the last day of gloom for the week!

Temperatures will be on the decline, with high’s in the lower 50’s on Thursday and lower 40’s on Friday. Low’s will be below freezing. If there is significant rainfall accumulations in an area, keep in mind that it may turn to ice!

Dry Weekend Ahead

(Outlook for Saturday and Sunday)

For the weekend, the forecast will be influenced by high pressure in our region of the country. This will call for the return of dry conditions, though we can’t fully rule out a stray shower either day. Regardless, expect an influx of sunshine, but temperatures will only peak in the mid-40’s for both Saturday and Sunday. Nights will be cold, with low’s below freezing.

A Look At Next Week

(Outlook for the Upcoming Week)

Next week, the Climate Prediction Center predicts that temperatures will be moderately below average and precipitation will be slightly below normal. Not looking forward to cooler temperatures next week!

Outlook for temperature probability (Climate Prediction Center)

That’s all for today! Check back in on Friday for a end of the week update! For more, follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!