Mostly Dry and Sunny Today

Good morning to you, fellow reader! Thank you for visiting our page. Today, mostly dry and sunny conditions will make up the forecast. There remains, however, a slight chance for precipitation due to a troublesome low pressure in the southeastern part of our country.

Today’s forecast will have you celebrating the season!

Trough Brings Slight Chance for Precipitation

What we will see today is the presence of two high pressure systems dominating the forecast for the most part. However, prominent low pressure systems to our south bring about only slight chances for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. As of now, there is a 20% chance for precipitation.

(Weather Prediction Center)

It becomes more clear as to why the chance remains in our forecast when considering this surface map. As you can see, the low pressure stationed over Alabama has a trough outstretching to the north. This is an elongated area of lower air pressure that tends to be where showers and thunderstorms may form.

Other than that, today is set out to be a rather pleasant summer day. Our temperatures will be cooler than usual, with a high in the lower 80’s and a low in the upper 60’s. Cloud cover will be more conspicuous in the morning hours, but conditions will clear up and become mostly sunny after 2pm.

Minimal cloud coverage today, projected by the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Fortunately, the humidity will be sticking around, but it won’t be as unbearable as it has been thanks to certain indices being low. We will not see the heat index exceed the mid 80’s today, making for comfortable conditions. On top of that, the UV index is rather low today, varying from 3 to 4 throughout WABBLES.

The Same Goes for Tomorrow

Tomorrow will follow the same pattern as today, minus the chance for precipitation. Expect for temperatures to reach only slightly higher values with a high in the mid 80’s and a low in the lower 70’s. With mostly sunny skies, indices of heat will be in the upper 80’s and UV will be around 8.

(Environmental Protection Agency)

That’ll do it for today! Thank you, again, for reading! We hope you make it a great one. For more, follow us on our other platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).

Weather 8/19/20

Partly to mostly cloudy skies join cooler temps today; rain chances pick back up late Thursday into Friday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, August 19, 2020