Temperatures Stay Below Normal

Yesterday’s high temperature only reached 48ºF, making it the coolest day since March 16, when it was also 48ºF. Normal temperatures for mid April in Bowling Green is around 70ºF, so we were well below normal. While it looks like we will be mostly dry and sunny through Friday, we should remain rather cool as temperatures stay below normal.

Make sure to get out of the house, enjoy some of that sunshine, go for a walk around the neighborhood, stay 6 feet apart, and don’t forget to grab a jacket. (Giphy)

Weak Cold Front

A very weak cold front will be passing through the Ohio Valley today. We’ll start off today with sunny skies, but as the front passes, clouds should increase.

Plenty of sunshine for our Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)
Plenty of sunshine for our Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures will top out around 57ºF, which will be a bit warmer than yesterday, but will be below normal for mid April. Winds will turn to be out of the west later on, with occasional gusts up to 20 mph possible.

The weak front should pass over WABBLES this evening, near 6 PM, bringing with it some clouds and some small rain chances. If we see any rain, should be light and quick. However, it’s also possible that the rain evaporates before it even hits the ground given how dry our atmosphere will be this afternoon. Either way, no impacts are expected.

HRRR guidance hinting at a line of light showers by 6 pm. (Pivotal Weather)

Expect partly cloudy skies tonight, with temperatures diving to a chilly 35ºF. Frost may be a problem overnight, so make sure to keep those sensitive plants safe and bring them in for the night.

More Sunshine and Below Normal Temperatures

After the weak cold front passes, surface high pressure will quickly move in behind. This is good news, as sunshine will continue to dominate WABBLES, along with calm winds.

Thursday Weather Outlook
Thursday Weather Outlook

With calm winds, we expect our afternoon high temperature to near 62ºF, which will be a bit warmer and closer to normal. As a reminder, normal temperatures are right around 70ºF.

Temperature forecast for Thursday (Pivotal Weather)
Temperature forecast for Thursday (Pivotal Weather)

You can always check out sky conditions near you from our website. Just visit the Skycams page, or click here! Conditions remain calm and quiet for tomorrow night. Partly cloudy skies with temperatures around 43ºF can be expected.

Rain Returns Friday

A low pressure system will bring our next round of rain during the second half of Friday. Showers and maybe even a few rumbles of thunder are possible for the afternoon and evening hours.

GFS model guidance thinking showers come later on Friday. (Pivotal Weather)
GFS model guidance thinking showers come later on Friday. (Pivotal Weather)

There is some disagreements between the model guidance, so confidence is low on timing and amounts. Future model guidance and wxornotBG posts with data closer to Friday should have a better grasp of how Friday will play out.

Oh you know, just trying to figure out the future... no big deal. (Giphy)
Oh you know, just trying to figure out the future… no big deal. (Giphy)

Otherwise, temperatures will again be below normal, but still getting closer to the beloved 70ºF. Expect Friday temperatures to be near 67ºF, with increasing clouds.

That wraps up today’s forecast. Hope you have a great Wednesday! Make sure to look for the Afternoon Video Update on Facebook and the Afternoon Weather Story on Twitter, only at @wxornotBG.