Brisk Friday Before Slightly Warmer Weekend

Good morning, Kentucky, and happy Friday! We’ve got a brisk Friday before a slightly warmer weekend thanks to a strong cold front that passed through yesterday. I’ve got all the details in the post below!

High pressure will bring cool, dry air to the BG area today. (WPC)

Sunny and Brisk Friday

Grab a jacket as you’re headed out the door this morning because it will be pretty chilly. The cold front that came through yesterday has plummeted our temperatures and will limit us to reaching the low-40s as a high temperature today.

Temperatures this morning (and the rest of the day) could be near 20°F below what they normally are for this time of year. (Pivotal Weather)

Precipitation is not a worry today as we’ll spend our daylight hours under sunny skies. The low temperature tonight will drop to the low-20s, so make sure outdoor pets have proper shelter in place. As long as you’ve got a coat on, today should be pretty beautiful!

Slightly Warmer Saturday

We’ll warm up a little bit as we start the weekend. That cold Arctic air will move farther east and allow southwest winds to take over. That shift in wind direction will bring us slightly warmer high temperatures in the low-50s. The sky will remain beautiful and sunny much like today with no worry of precipitation.

When you find out your weekend plans won’t be ruined by rain… (Giphy)

Beautiful Sunday

Sunday will be the warmest day featured in this forecast with highs near 60°F thanks to the continued southwest flow. Rain will not be a concern, so if you have any outdoor plans, Sunday looks great! All of that will change come Monday as conditions become quite unsettled.

We complain about it being too hot and then we complain about it being too cold. Sunday will be a nice happy medium! (Giphy)

Unsettled Pattern to Start the Week

When Monday rolls around, we’ll be wishing for weather like we’re having this weekend. Monday will be cold and rainy with highs near the upper-40s and then temperatures will plummet once again due to another strong cold front making its way across the Bluegrass. As we move into the evening hours, that rain could transition to snow.

Temperatures could be far below normal by the start of next week. (Pivotal Weather)

Temperature anomalies could be near -30°F for the Bowling Green area on Tuesday, which means that our temperature could be near 30°F below what it normally is. We’ll keep a close eye on the chance of snow and amounts and update you as we get closer to Monday.

That concludes today’s post! Follow the @wxornotBG live weather feed on Twitter to stay up to date on snow chances next week. Have a great weekend!

A very cold end to the work week leads into improvement this weekend; Arctic blast brings snow chances early next week.Details in your Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, November 8, 2019