Help Publish “The Anatomy of Severe Weather”

Have you ever looked at a thunderstorm photo and wonder what’s actually going in the picture? What atmospheric dynamics are making this possible? Storm chasers and photographers Zach Roberts and Jason Weingart are in the process of making a book that will do just that. The book, titled “The Anatomy of Severe Weather” will be […]

Storm Video Is Epic

Check out this amazing spectacle of a production from Nicolaus Wegner of LightAlive Photography.  This storm video is epic, plain and simple. This collection of photos, time lapses and videos were collected across the Midwest throughout this past year.  These captures are absolutely breathtaking! Stormscapes 2 from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

Monsoon Time Lapse

Sometimes we must speed up reality to get an adequate understanding of the beauty and complexity of natural processes. Mike Olbinski has created a Monsoon time lapse video. The video is awe inspiring. You will likely never look at a thunderstorm the same way again. “All summer long when I’m chasing storms, I’m also time-lapsing. […]

HDR Photography: Good Or Evil?

In today’s modern world of tech gadgets and smart phones, not to mention apps such as Instagram, everyone is seemingly a ‘amateur professional’ photographer.  The access to filtration and settings such as HDR allow an average photo to turn into the best thing since sliced bread.  The photo below helps you understand what HDR can […]

Last Night’s Sunset

We had an awesome setup for a sunset last night in Bowling Green. A mixed variety of clouds including a dissipating air mass thunderstorm were all in position at the right time. @NWSLouisville @WBKO_Weather Dissipating airmass thunderstorm. How can you not like this Bowling Green sunset? #KYwx — Alex Sizemore (@alex_sizemore24) May 30, 2014