A Quick Break From the Wet Weather

Good morning, WABBLES! I hope you were able to stay dry amidst the “monsoon” we had roll through yesterday. Overnight last night, we continued to see showers, but today, we will have a quick break from the wet weather before another system moves through Wednesday. Drying Out Today Before moving on to details about today, […]

Isolated Thunderstorm’s Weather News

This afternoon, in the midst of the heat and humidity, isolated thunderstorms popped up and traversed the region very slowly, providing relief from the heat to those lucky enough to experience them. To those that didn’t see thunderstorms… I am sorry. With a weak frontal boundary near the region the next couple days, thunderstorms will remain a […]

Beautiful Monsoon Timelapse Video

Southwest monsoon storm chaser and photographer, Mike Oblinski, posted a beautiful timelapse earlier this month showing off his best 55,000 frames from his summer chase. Oblinski has been chasing monsoons in Arizona for 6-7 years, and chased for a total of 48 days this past season. During the summer months in Arizona, winds shift from […]

Monsoon Time Lapse

Sometimes we must speed up reality to get an adequate understanding of the beauty and complexity of natural processes. Mike Olbinski has created a Monsoon time lapse video. The video is awe inspiring. You will likely never look at a thunderstorm the same way again. “All summer long when I’m chasing storms, I’m also time-lapsing. […]

Wild Weather in Southern California

A rare flash flooding event occurred in southern California earlier this afternoon as slow moving thunderstorms impacted areas east of San Diego. A trough in the Pacific is expected to move onshore on Tuesday, and southerly winds ahead of this trough are helping to pull monsoonal moisture into the desert southwest. Check out the wide variety […]

Monsoon Brings Rain Chances to Southwest U.S.

Flash flood watches are in effect for most the southwest U.S. as an area of surface low pressure over Nevada will allow for southerly winds to pull monsoonal moisture in this region. Check out the latest advisory map from the NWS showing a large area of counties shaded in dark green which indicates a flash […]

Severe Weather in Southwest U.S.

The summer monsoon that has been causing flood problems in the southwest continues to bring increased chances of thunderstorms to normally dry areas. Check out the radar lighting up in the southwest this evening. Multiple storms have had severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings associated with them. Here is a map of the current advisories, watches, […]

Deadly Lightning Strikes Venice Beach

  The summer monsoon season continues to cause some problems out west, and the latest is a rare summertime thunderstorm that produced deadly lightning in Venice Beach, California yesterday. Moist flow out of the south usually only makes its way to the interior deserts and mountains of California, but yesterday the flow made it all the […]