More Warmth is Coming with Some Cold Attached

Happy Monday WABBLES! I hope everyone has enjoyed the half warm and half wet weekend! We’ve got a pretty nice week ahead of us except for some rain chances and a potentially big weather maker on Friday.

Wait… More Cold? (Giphy)


As far as temperatures are concerned for the rest of the day, it will remain rather warm during the morning until the cold front passes in the early afternoon. Once it passes, temps will start to fall quite quickly reaching the upper 30s later this evening.

Model Temps Throughout the Evening (

Clouds will stick around as well throughout the entirety of the day with isolated light rain showers sticking around as well that will transition to isolated flurries overnight.


Those flurries could possibly stick around for the early morning hours on Tuesday and around morning rush hour but by late morning and into the afternoon we will see partly cloudy skies.

Model Future Radar Tuesday Morning to Afternoon (

By Tuesday night, rain chances will return with quite the mess of rain south of us into Tennessee and Dixie Alley. Current model solutions keep this mess of rain barely skimming WABBLES during the overnight hours.

Model Future Radar Tuesday Night (Pivotal Weather)

High temps around WABBLES on Tuesday will stick around the lower 50s giving us a mild day.


Wednesday will feature some lingering showers very early in the morning but will largely be a dry day as high pressure starts to show its influence over the region. Skies in the afternoon will clear out a bit with only a few clouds.

WPC Frontal Chart for Wednesday

Wednesday will also be a slightly warmer day with highs in the upper 50s, and I would not be shocked for some spots to reach 60 if they see enough sun.

Model Highs on Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)


Thursday looks to be the quietest day of the week with high pressure firmly in place over the region resulting in highs in the upper 60s and mostly clear skies.

WPC Frontal Chart for Thursday


Friday is where things could get pretty interesting around here, and before I say that one word that most people are probably sick of (snow), don’t shoot the messenger. But yes, we have a pretty large system moving through the region Friday dropping plenty of rain and as temps absolutely tank Friday night, we might see some snow as the system exists the area.

Model Future Radar for Friday (

Now, it is incredibly too early to start looking at the specifics like whether or not this snow may accumulate, but it something we are certainly watching for as temps will go from the mid 70s on Friday evening to the upper 20s by Saturday morning.

That will be all for this blog post my friends! I hope everyone enjoys the week and those warmer temps in the latter half of the week. As always I will put our social media sites linked below and I encourage everyone to visit them.

Have a blessed week!