An Active Weekend in Store for WABBLES

Good morning! We hope that you had a wonderful work week and are ready to kick back and relax this weekend! In today’s post, we will take a look at shower and storm timing for this weekend, as well as threats that may arise, and take a peek at what’s to come next week!

Me, whenever things start heating up in the tropics…(GIPHY)


This morning, a cold front will move through our region, bringing about overbearing cloud cover and chances of showers and storms. Our main concern will be with locally heavy rainfall, to which is most likely to occur in the morning (~7 to 10 o’clock). If you plan to be out and about, be careful on the roadways, as excessive rainfall will make for isolated flooding.

Predicted surface map for this morning (Weather Prediction Center)

Into the afternoon, humidity will stay oppressive and temperatures will reach the upper 80’s. Thanks to the cloud cover that is expected, our heat indices will not reach triple digits, but remain in the lower 90’s. By nightfall, we will cool off into the upper 60’s.


For Sunday, the forecast is all the same, as the cold front looks to stall out over Tennessee and keep chances of showers and storms in our neck of the woods. These will pick back up in the afternoon and stick around into the evening, remaining scattered. As of now, we are expecting for the heaviest rainfall to take place in the late afternoon and early evening (~ 3 to 7 o’clock).

Projected precipitation for the entirety of tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, temperatures and humidity will be similar to that of Saturday. However, cloud cover will be substantially lower, promoting higher ultraviolet (UV) indices. These will reach high values, so make sure to pack sunblock (SPF 15+), protective clothing and accessories, and water if you plan to spend time outdoors.

Upcoming Week

For this upcoming week, this active trend will carry on, though this will be largely due to activity picking up in the tropics. As of now, Tropical Depression Fred is headed for the Gulf of Mexico and is predicted to reach us by Wednesday morning. Thus, expect for chances of showers and storms to stick around, with oppressive humidity and hot temperatures on top of that.

Predicted path of Tropical Depression Fred (Hurricane Prediction Center)

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