New Trend Arises for the New Week

Good morning, everyone! In comparison to the week we just had, we have a new trend of cooler temperatures, comfortable humidity, and quieter conditions that will start today and carry on into the new week. That only entails the opportunity for pool parties during the day and bonfires at night, am I right?

We hope you are as happy as us about this! (GIPHY)

Sunday Outlook

If you are up early enough, you may catch a stray shower or storm on its way out of our community. These chances will remain isolated, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t sprinkle when you awaken. As we move into the later hours of the morning, cloud cover will decline substantially, leaving us with a day full of sunshine.

Projected precipitation for today from midnight to 1pm (Pivotal Weather)

So far this week, there has been an oppressive amount of moisture in our atmosphere, making for rather miserable heat. However, as this disturbance moves out of the region, the humidity will go with it. Today, we will have one last day of overly sticky conditions up until about roughly a week from now.

So, with our high reaching the lower 80’s, it may feel slightly hotter, but we have a cooler trend to look forward to!

Mid-Week Outlook

Up to the mid-week, the weather will be influenced greatly by the presence of high pressure. Because of this, we are looking at a trend of uneventful forecasts that consist of fair skies, comfortable humidity, and trips to the ice cream parlor (the last one is optional, but encouraged).

Predicted surface map for Tuesday at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

As always, minimal cloud cover will call for the threat of abnormal ultraviolet (UV) radiation. For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the index is predicted to reach very high values (from 9 to 10). If you plan on spending time outdoors, make sure to have sunblock (SPF 15+), protective clothing and accessories, and a bottle of water on hand.

That’ll do it for today! Thank you for reading! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!