The Return of Shower and Storm Chances This Weekend

Hooray, it’s the weekend! We knew that chances of showers and storms would return eventually. For us, that day is today. In this post, we will go over what’s to come this weekend and even the upcoming week!

This week went by slowly, but now we can relax for the weekend!(GIPHY)


For the start of the weekend, we will stay dry. We can’t rule out a stray shower or storm that may occur in the afternoon, but sunshine will be abundant. If you plan to spend time outdoors, make sure to hydrate, as our high will reach the upper 80’s and the humidity will be oppressive.

Into the nighttime, the chances of showers and storms will shift from isolated to widespread. Our main concern will be with brief, heavy rainfall overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. For the most part, the utmost half of an inch of precipitation that is expected will take place when those in the community are resting for the night (~10pm Saturday to 4 am Sunday).

Projected precipitation for Saturday at 7pm to Sunday at 7am (Pivotal Weather)


For tomorrow, the potential for scattered showers and storms will remain until the evening. There are no threats to be mentioned, as the brunt of the precipitation would have already taken place the night prior. Other than that, we will still get pockets of sunlight throughout the day, so soak it up while you can!

Projected cloud cover for Sunday from 7am to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

In regards to temperatures, we will be even cooler than the start of the weekend, with a high in the mid 80’s. It’ll feel sticky outside, but a gentle breeze will make being outside a bit more bearable. By nightfall, temperatures will bottom out in the mid 60’s. Bonfire, anyone?

The Week Ahead

For those of you that are bummed about the week ending with chances of showers and storms, we have next week to look forward to. As high pressure dominates our region of the country, a trend of clear skies, dry conditions, and cooler temperatures (in comparison to this past week) will arise. How wonderful is that?

Predicted surface map for Monday at 7am (Weather Prediction Center)

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful weekend! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!