Dry Spell Comes to an End

Good morning to you! Don’t let the title of today’s post dampen your mood! Yes, shower and storm chances will stick around for the remainder of the work week, but that’ll make for a dry Memorial Day weekend!

A dry Memorial Day weekend? What more could you ask for? (GIPHY)

Dry Spell Leaves, but Humidity Stays

For the remainder of the work week, shower and storm chances will return. Whereas chances for Wednesday and Thursday look to remain relatively scattered, precipitation for Friday will be widespread. Our southeastern counties may have around an inch fall in the evening alone (~4pm to 7pm).

Projected precipitation for Friday from 1pm to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

As of now, the Storm Prediction Center has our community within a marginal risk for severe weather for both Wednesday and Thursday. Our main threats will be gusty winds and large hail. As of now, the threat for tornado development is low.

Convective outlook for Wednesday at 7am to Thursday at 7am (Storm Prediction Center)

Moreover, this will make room for a cool down from the dreadfully hot temperatures that we had earlier this week. For each weekday, the high will reach the lower 80’s. Unfortunately, oppressive humidity is here to stay, so make sure that you stay hydrated.

Memorial Day Weekend Will Be Dry and Sunny

For our Memorial Day weekend, high pressure will return to our region. This will promote both dry conditions and decreasing cloud cover. If you haven’t made plans to spend time outdoors with family, now’s your chance to!

Predicted surface map for Saturday at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

Thanks to this, temperatures will be back on the rise. For Saturday, the high will reach the lower 70’s and for Sunday, we will warm up more to the upper 70’s. For Memorial Day, our high will advance even further, peaking in the lower 80’s.

That’s all for today! We hope that you have a wonderful rest of your week! Follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!