Temperatures on the Rise With Sunny Skies

Top of the morning to you, fellow reader! If you’re a fan of sunshine and above average temperatures, you’re going to love this post, as today and tomorrow will consist of both. We hope that you have enough free time to get outdoors and enjoy this weather!

You, after reading the forecast today…(GIPHY)

Sunshine Galore

Today, our forecast will be influenced by the abundance of high pressure in the Midwest. That means that we will stay dry today, with optimal cloud coverage in comparison to what we’ve seen so far this week.

Projected surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

If you are out and about early this morning, make sure you layer up, as temperatures will remain in the lower 30’s. We will see a substantial incline in temperatures by the afternoon, those of which may exceed the 60 degree mark. By night, things will cool down once more, with temperatures dropping to the upper 30’s.

Projected temperatures for today from 12-5pm (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, there will be a seasonal lack of moisture in the air paired with light to gentle winds that will be noticeable throughout the day. If you don’t have plans to spend time outdoors today, now’s the chance to!

Slightly Warmer Tomorrow

Tomorrow, because of the ample amount of high pressure in our atmosphere, conditions will be much like how they turn out to be today. In other words, another sunny day ahead!

Projected cloud coverage for tomorrow from 12-5pm (Pivotal Weather)

Like today, the early morning may be a chillier one. However, temperatures will be slightly warmer, reaching the lower 60’s by the afternoon and only dropping to the lower 40’s by nighttime.

That’s all for today, folks! We hope that you have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to follow us on our other social platforms (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)!