Sunny Weather Brings Early Week Warm Up

Good Sunday morning, WABBLES! Welcome back to WxornotBG. Wasn’t yesterday just the perfect day? With low temperatures and dew points, it was definitely a taste of fall! However, sunny weather brings an early week warm up in the coming days.

Sunny Weather Brings Early Week Warm Up
This weather is the definition of perfection! (Tenor)

Another Low Humidity Day Today

Isn’t it such a relief when you are able to walk outside and you don’t instantly start sweating? Low dew points are the best. Those comfortable conditions from yesterday will make it into today as well.

Sunny Weather Brings Early Week Warm Up
Dew points stay comfortable today in the low 60’s. (Pivotal Weather)

Dew point values will remain in the low 60’s today, which will make our highs in the mid 80’s much more comfortable to be in. Sunny conditions will stick around as well, making for another beautiful day!

Those clear conditions will follow us into the overnight hours as lows drop into the cool low 60’s.

Toasty Temps Return…

After a lengthy period of wet weather last week, a high pressure has taken over that will keep us high and dry.

Labor Day will feature another beautiful day with plentiful sunshine and highs near 90°. Dew points will approach 70°, but it will be nothing unbearable. Make sure to enjoy the outdoors, but remember to social distance!

Sunny Weather Brings Early Week Warm Up
Sunny skies Tuesday (and Wednesday) will lead to some toasty temperatures! (WPC)

Tuesday will feature much of the same forecast as a high pressure continues to dominate. More sunny weather and highs near 90°! This is actually slightly above average for early September.


As we start to look towards midweek, shower chances will return, but so will the cool weather! More fall-like conditions will overtake WABBLES, 16 days before the official first day of fall.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy this beautiful day!