Stationary Front Sets Tone for the Following Weekdays

Good morning to you! Thank you for checking out our blog today. For today, Thursday, and Friday, we’ll see a trend due to the presence of a stationary front. Because of this, our forecast for these days will consist of prominent storm chances.


Today’s Outlook

So far today, we’ve seen the cold front that swept through our area turn stationary, and for the following weekdays, it plans to linger over the state of Kentucky. That means both a rise in cloud coverage and storm chances for this period of time. Be ready for the rain!

A surface map shows presence of stationary front (Weather Prediction Center)

Fortunately, the consistent scattered storms that we will have to end out our week will lack in severity. However, we can’t rule out the threats of locally gusty winds or bursts of heavy rainfall. These storms will be most common as early as noon and can be expected to pop-up throughout the rest of the day.

An outlook on precipitation for the entirety of today (GFS, Tropical Tidbits)

The Weather Prediction Center established a marginal risk for excessive rainfall for a portion of our state. For us, particularly the western section of WABBLES will see a surge in precipitation. Be cautious when on the roads, especially in areas that can experience rapid runoff from heavy rainfall.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Other than that, temperatures will peak around the upper 80’s this afternoon and dip to the lower 70’s tonight. Our skies will be mostly cloudy throughout the day, offering some relief from direct sunlight. However, that unbearable humidity will stick around…quite literally!

Humidity Health Risks

This week, humidity has played a significant role in the forecast and it will continue to for the rest of the week. We lookout for your safety in relation to the weather, always. Below are some tips on how to stay safe in these conditions:

☼ Stay hydrated.
☼ Dress lightly.
☼ Take breaks in cool spaces.
☼ Consider avoiding strenuous outdoor activities.

That’s all for today! Thank you for taking the time to read. We hope you have a wonderful day. If you’d like to, follow us on our other platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram)!

wx 8/12/20

Scattered storm chances accompany a hot, muggy air mass today; similar conditions follow through the start of the weekend.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, August 12, 2020