Dreary Start to the Week

Good morning, WABBLES! After enjoying a day of plentiful sunshine with mild temperatures, most of us will be in for a rude awakening with what today’s and the coming day’s weather has to offer. We unfortunately won’t see much in the way of sun over the next couple days, but rather a dreary start to […]

Another Severe Threat Tonight

Good morning, everyone! Can you believe that this time next week will be April? In case you were unaware, Spring is definitely in full force proven by the new blooms and the recent storms. Storms return today and we will even see another severe threat tonight. Breaking It Down This morning, expect the clouds to […]

What is all the Buzz on the Saharan Dust?

Most of you have probably already heard the buzz around the Saharan dust that is making its way westward across the Atlantic. There are lots of questions on where these dust plumes are headed and what their affect will be on us. This post should hopefully answer those questions on the Saharan dust! What is […]

Fall FINALLY Arrives

Good morning, folks and happy Monday!! Once again, whose ready to tackle another week with me? As we start the new work week, Autumn-like conditions have finally arrived and sure feels good compared to what we were experiencing last week at this time. Pumped!! (Giphy) Today Waking up this morning and heading out the door, […]

Partial Solar Eclipse Thursday

A partial solar eclipse will be taking place Thursday, October 23rd. The partial eclipse will be at a maximum during sunset over our area and will be nearly half a total eclipse. Here is a map of the eclipse times and locations.   Partial solar eclipse this Thursday visible from most of North America! More […]

Last Night’s Sunset

We had an awesome setup for a sunset last night in Bowling Green. A mixed variety of clouds including a dissipating air mass thunderstorm were all in position at the right time. @NWSLouisville @WBKO_Weather Dissipating airmass thunderstorm. How can you not like this Bowling Green sunset? #KYwx pic.twitter.com/puOmCRZ4hZ — Alex Sizemore (@alex_sizemore24) May 30, 2014