Beautiful Week Ahead

Good morning, WABBLES! What a great day yesterday was to kick-off the week. The weather conditions really set the tone for what we can expect all the way to the weekend. All in all, we have a beautiful week ahead. Read below for details!

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Bring on the spring-like weather!

Welcoming in March on the Right Foot

Around here, in South-Central, KY especially, March can bring a whole charcuterie board of weather events ranging from snow/ice storms, wind events, and even severe outbreaks. Luckily, this week will feature none of that as we can expect a healthy amount of vitamin-D, dry conditions, and mild temperatures.

For the 1st of the month (today) in specific, expect mostly sunny skies and a high in the mid 60s. Winds will be relatively calm, but could exceed just over 10mph. So what is it that is bringing this nice weather you may ask? Well, the jet stream currently has zonal or straight flow over our area. When the jet is curved, or meridional, this is when we usually get a deal of a system that brings rain or any other interesting weather event. Right now, those curves just aren’t present so we are locked under high pressure. But hey, I am not complaining.

The black lines on this map indicate zonal flow which is why we are having such nice weather (Pivotal Weather)
High pressure is dominating the vast majority of the country (wpc)

Rest of the Week

To be quite honest, the rest of the work week will follow suit to today and yesterday. Because of this, there is not much to report on or raise awareness of. Most notably, Wednesday’s high temperature will flirt with 70 degrees! Make sure to get out and enjoy this nice weather. After all, it has been a bit wet around here lately.

Temperature map for Friday shows western KY sitting in the upper 60’s (Pivotal Weather)

Come Friday, clouds will be on the increase but we will still remain dry. This will be ahead of our next system that will introduce rain chances headed into the weekend.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, @wxornotBG, for live weather updates. Have a wonderful week!