Active Weather Pattern For the Week

Good morning, everyone! It is officially the last Monday of October. Can you believe that? With the autumn season often comes an active jet swinging through many cold fronts across the region bringing rain and storm chances. This is exactly what will happen in the coming days as we have an active weather pattern for the week.

rain GIF
This captures the usual results of a cold front and we will be seeing a fair amount this week! (

Rain Moves Out This Morning

Many of you probably woke up around 3AM to the sound of the wind beating falling rain on your window. This wide band of heavy rain has been working its way East during these early morning hours and is expected to move out by about 9AM marking the arrival of the cold front.

The cold front is knocking on our door in western KY and is set to arrive in a few hours (wpc).

Once we make it on the backside of the front, you can expect the rest of your day to be rain-free with mostly cloudy conditions. However, it will be quite breezy with winds being around 10-15mph and gusts around 30mph. The high temperature will climb to about 68 degrees which could be a solid contender for the warmest temperature this week.


Your mid-week, specifically Tuesday and Wednesday, looks to be pretty calm. Expect dry conditions with partly sunny skies. The high for Wednesday will be in the mid 60s, while Thursday will be few degrees warmer. Wednesday night, conditions begin to shift as the next frontal system approaches the region. Wednesday night will bring the first round of showers to the region that is associated with this system.

The GFS shows rain arriving around 3am early Thursday morning (Pivotal Weather).

A Wet End to the Week

After Wednesday night, rain will dominate the forecast for the end of the work week for both Thursday and Friday. Widespread moderate rain can be expected during this time as the cold front marches closer. The cold front itself Is expected to pass late Thursday evening causing our temperatures on Friday to struggle to reach 60. Thursday and Friday will also likely be breezy as today and yesterday were, all influenced by cold fronts. We will continue to monitor the setup as the WKU Homecoming Parade is set to take place Friday.

The GFS shows the high temperature Friday in the mid 50s. Classic hoody weather! (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of rain fall totals, expect around an inch to come from this system. Come Saturday for the Homecoming Football game, the rain should move out during the morning giving way to cloudy, but dry conditions for the remainder of the day. The high is expected to be near 60.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, @wxornotBG, to get live weather updates. Have a great week!