Temps On The Rise Again Soon

Happy Wednesday WABBLES Region! I will have a short but important blog post for y’all today. The main subject to be discussed today will be that of an upcoming trend with temperatures.

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Not Again With The Heat (Giphy)


Very little to talk about in terms of weather for today, thanks to some very stubborn high pressure.

Day 4 image not available
Frontal Chart for Today

This high pressure will keep rain chances very limited to only isolated pop-up showers. However, these should stay to the east of WABBLES for the most part.

Future Radar for Today (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures should remain failry mild today as well with highs remaining in the mid 80s. It will definitely feel warm out there, but it won’t be too bad.

Model Highs Today (Pivotal Weather)


Tomorrow will feature similar conditions to today, except for even less of a chance for rain thanks to that high pressure moving its way to the east.

Day 6 image not available

Highs will be very similar to today as well with them still hovering around the mid 80s.

Extended Range

Moving into the longer range forecast, there is one thing I mainly want to talk about, temperatures. Temps will slowly be on the increase as we move into the weekend and next week.

The Climate Prediction Center’s 6-10 day temperature forecast (This forecast starting on August 9th) shows a high chance of above average temperatures.

CPC 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook (Pivotal Weather)

This means you can expect an unfortunate return to the very hot and muggy/humid conditions by next week. Highs should easily be able to reach the 90s once again.

That will be it for now folks! I hope y’all can enjoy the cool weather while you can. I encourage everyone to come and visit us on our social media sites linked below.