A Quick Break From the Wet Weather

Good morning, WABBLES! I hope you were able to stay dry amidst the “monsoon” we had roll through yesterday. Overnight last night, we continued to see showers, but today, we will have a quick break from the wet weather before another system moves through Wednesday.

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Everyone can take tomorrow to take a breath of fresh air before more active weather returns on Wednesday.

Drying Out Today

Before moving on to details about today, it is necessary that we acknowledge yesterday was the wettest day in Bowling Green since September 2, of 2017. Wow!

This morning, we will continue to be under cloud cover, but as the day progresses, the sun will peep out time and time again making for partly sunny conditions. We luckily won’t see any rain today, especially because another system is expected to bring interesting weather tomorrow. There will be more on that later.

The clouds (blue) dissipate as we go through the day on Tuesday (pivotal weather)

Today, the high will reach a mild 55 degrees. That is well above average for the last week of January, so take advantage of it if you can. Overnight, conditions continue to be partly cloudy with a low near freezing.

Wintry System Wednesday

Wednesday will start out just as Tuesday was. It will be partly sunny, but with much cooler temperatures, however. The high will reach around 41 degrees. Around lunch time is when things look to get interesting.

As of now, variables and models are still shifting so things are subject to change. With that being said, it is looking like a system to our south will cross the Kentucky border in the afternoon hours bringing rain showers to the area and then change over to snow a few hours later.

Rain and snow showers track south of the region but could impact us. (Pivotal Weather)

The snow accumulation looks to be minimal as of now, with about an inch or less with higher amounts close to 2 inches in isolated areas. The system should be out of here by the overnight hours.

Estimated 0.9 inches of of snow predicted by the models right now. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow our weather feed on Instagram and Facebook, @wxornotBG, for updates about the upcoming wintry system. Have a great rest of the week!