Nice Fall Weekend Punctuated by Rain Chances

What a fine end of the week we’ve got coming up for you, with pleasant temperatures and mostly sunny skies. It will be an absolute delight, though not all is perfect. Just get ready for a nice fall weekend punctuated by rain chances.

Fairly Pleasant Friday

You can imagine today kind of like a reverse of yesterday. Pleasantly cool (though, you’ll need the coat this morning) and mostly dry, but with clouds beginning to build back into the region.

Basically. (Giphy/Simpson's World)
Basically. (Giphy/Simpson’s World)

A small disturbance is moving in from the west and disrupting our mostly sunny skies as the day wears on.

Sometimes the rain chances don't know when to say when. (WPC)
Sometimes the rain chances don’t know when to say when. (WPC)

This increase in clouds could lead to a few showers later on in the day and through the evening hours. Not a lot of rain, but it they’ll be appropriately chilly fall showers when they do fall. High temperatures should top out pleasantly in the lower 60s with lows back into the chilly low 40s.

Sun’s Back for Saturday

Say hello to the pick of the weekend!

What you'll be saying tomorrow about today. (Giphy/SNL)
What you’ll be saying tomorrow about today. (Giphy/SNL)

We’ll get those pesky clouds out of here and slowly rise from a chilly morning low in the 40s to another wonderful fall day under abundant sunshine.

More of this please. (Giphy)
More of this please. (Giphy)

Highs temperatures will remain appropriately autumnal with upper-50s to near 60º under those mostly sunny skies. Just a wonderful fall day to head outside in a light jacket or a windbreaker and have a good time. Though, if you’re headed out in the evening, make sure you layer up a bit more because temperatures will begin to fall to another chilly low near 45º.

Shower Chances Return Sunday

And things were going so well. (Giphy)
And things were going so well. (Giphy)

Another, slightly stronger disturbance will once again move through the region beginning on Sunday. This one has also picked up moisture from what was once a hurricane out in the Pacific, and so…yeah.

Curse you, Sergio. (Pivotal Weather)
Curse you, Sergio. (Pivotal Weather)

Mostly cloudy with a chances for another cool fall rain make it a good day to stay inside and catch up on your football watching. Highs will only be right around 60º during the afternoon and won’t fall that much as we head into the overnight with more shower chances and low around 55º. *sigh*

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!