Southeastern Kansas Tornado Well Documented

A round of  supercell thunderstorms, much like what we saw here in Bowling Green on June 4th, went through southeastern portions of Kansas yesterday. These storms produced beautiful, yet ominous scenes across the countryside. Several storm chasers were out to witness the beauty of the storms. Reports of severe weather were found sporadically across the […]

Bridgeport To Sidney, NE Supercell

The storm chasing group @Basehunters captured this amazing supercell time-lapse yesterday evening.  Another storm with incredible structure.  Soak it in: If you’re more into photography, you can appreciate the following images of the same storm: Some more amazing structure by Gurley, NE today! #NEwx #weather — Weather Adventures (@WeatherTours) May 20, 2014 Storm crossing […]

Wright to Newcastle, WY Supercell Time-Lapse

An incredible low precipitation supercell thunderstorm developed in Wyoming yesterday. The supercell had jaw-dropping structure. The Basehunters storm chasing team filmed this incredible time lapse video. The video is stunning because of the easiness to see the rotation in the thunderstorm. Take a gander, and try not to drool. If photography is more your thing… […]