Calm Conditions For WABBLES

Hey there, WABBLES. It’s been nice finally getting to see the sun again after almost two weeks of torrential rain. This weeks forecast is looking a bit more promising. Those warm temperatures will stick around and calm conditions for WABBLES will persist.

The appropriate celebration to receiving news that no rain is in the forecast. (

Sunday Sprinkles

We are waking up to temperatures in the high 30s out there accompanied by mostly cloudy skies. Today will stay pretty quiet but those pesky clouds will likely stick around with winds out of the south. A stray sprinkle is possible as we progress throughout the day but I’m not forecasting anything heavier than that if you have outdoor plans.

The NAM has widespread clouds across the region at 9am. (Pivotal Weather)

Speaking of outdoor plans, temperatures will reach a pleasant 51 degrees, so overall, not a bad Sunday for WABBLES. As we head into the overnight, expect temperatures to drop to about 38 degrees.

Mild Monday, Monotonous Clouds

Monday is shaping up to be pretty similar to Sunday. We will again see mostly cloudy skies across the region, a new norm. Expect the high to reach a very mild 60 degrees–a huge warmup from last weeks single digit wind chills.

56 degrees by noon on Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

Clouds will continue to dominate into the overnight hours accompanied by light winds with the low dipping to about 53 degrees.

Tuesday and Wednesday Clearing

That thick clouds will begin to dissipate by 12pm Tuesday and skies will work to clear after that. Expect partly cloudy skies and a high at 57 degrees. Wednesday will be dry with those partly cloudy skies dominating and a high dropping off to 47 degrees.

The cpc predicts Bowling Green will see around normal precipitation amounts for the future 6-10 days. (cpc)

Well that just about wraps things up! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow @wxornotBG on Twitter for your live weather updates.