Heat Continues to be the Big Event

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope that you all were able to have a wonderful weekend. Now, we have a new week in store, but unfortunately, the heat and humidity are here to stay. Let’s dive into the details below. Today The heat sticks around for us today. With highs expected around 91, heat indices […]

Scattered Storms To Rule The Forecast

Real Time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms in the afternoon. A few may be severe. High of 84ºF. Tonight: A few storms remaining, with mostly cloudy skies. Low of 65ºF. Well, well, well. Looks like we are looking at a different pattern now! After days of sweltering heat the past month, we […]

Blizzard Of Boredom = Our Forecast

Real-time Radar: Today 1/27 – Cloudy “Blerg” – High 36ºF / Tonight – Mostly cloudy – Low of 25ºF. Well, in contrast to last night’s snowfall, today should be a quieter. We saw total snow accumulations ranging from a nice dusting to ~1.5″, which boded very well with our forecast from yesterday.  The highest totals were actually […]

HP Supercell Impacts Butler & Warren County

South central Kentucky was impacted by an intense round of thunderstorms yesterday evening.  The weather feature that captured most of the spotlight was an HP supercell that impacted Butler & Warren County. This storm produced a number of downed trees, power outages, along with dime & nickel size hail.  A supercell thunderstorm is defined by […]

WKU Professor Injured, Awaiting Rescue

Dr. John All, Associate Professor of Geography at Western Kentucky University, was injured Monday when he  fell down a 70ft crevasse in the Himalayas. The following is a excerpt from the WKU News Blog: “According to his updates on the American Climber Science Program’s Facebook page, Dr. All’s injuries include a broken arm, broken ribs and […]

WKU AMS/NWA Student Chapter Photo Contest

The Western Kentucky University Local Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association (WKU AMS/NWA Local Student Chapter for short) is doing a photo contest now until March 14, 2014, to raise awareness about Severe Weather Safety.  We are doing this in honor of Severe Weather Awareness Week which is March 2-8 for the state of Kentucky.  Check […]

Wednesday Afternoon Update

This Afternoon – Partly Sunny – High 79 / Tonight – Scat’d Showers & Storms – Low 63 4pm 79 ~ 7pm 72 ~ 10pm 64 ~ 1am 63 ~ 4am 63 Warm front is located to our north, which has filtered southwesterly winds across our proximity, resulting in our unseasonably warm temperatures. Partly cloudy skies […]

Warming Up Today; Severe Potential Tomorrow

Today – Partly Cloudy, Scat’d Storms – High 76 / Tonight – Iso’d Showers & Storms – Low 59 7am 58 ~ 10am 67 ~ 1pm 74 ~ 4pm 76 ~ 7pm 62 Warm front will be located to our north, as an associated low pressure system begins to advance toward the Midwest from the Plains. […]

Friday Afternoon Update

This Afternoon – Sunny – High 50 / Tonight – Clear – Low 25 4pm ~ 7pm ~ 10pm ~ 1am ~ 4am High pressure is in complete control across south central Kentucky, and will keep sunny skies around through this afternoon and evening.  This is displayed by the surface model, provided below: Overnight, the […]