The Tropical Season in the Pacific is Heating up

The Tropical Pacific has been unusually quiet over the past…well, several months. The western Pacific has tropical systems form and roll generally throughout the year, but they hadn’t had a tropical system since December. That is anomalously rare. #Himawari rapid scan view of Tropical Storm #Nepartak, 1st TS in the NW Pacific since December […]

Typhoon GIF Will Rock Your Socks Off

Yeah, yeah. I know that I said that that tornado the other day was probably the coolest weather entity I’d ever seen. Well, I lied. I have never seen anything like this. The tropical pacific has been almost ridiculously active recently, with 3 Super Typhoons forming by the end of May. But now, we have a […]

Meteorological Bomb in the North Pacific

Meteorological Bomb North Pacific – Typhoon Nuri could become the strongest extratropical storm on record for the North Pacific as it explodes into a meteorological “bomb” over the next few days. According to NOAA, a meteorological bomb (bomb cyclone) is “an extratropical area of low pressure in which the central pressure drops at least 24 […]

Arctic Blast on the Way?

Arctic air looks to be moving into the region next week. We could be seeing temperatures up to 25 degrees below normal for this time of year. If you don’t like winter, you may want to head south…to Brazil. Brad Panovich posted a blog that details the possible Arctic blast. One of the many reasons […]

Pacific Ocean Tropics Update

The Pacific Ocean tropics are lighting up with tropical disturbances. There is now a line, or train, of tropical disturbances stretching across the Pacific Ocean. It’s quite an incredible sight as conditions are favorable for development for some of these to become typhoons and tropical storms. The GFS model illustrates these tropical waves very well […]

Typhoon Matmo Update

Looks like Typhoon Matmo is nearing landfall near Taiwan, satellite and radar data both displaying an overall organized system with powerful winds and heavy rainfall expected. #Typhoon #Matmo tracking northwestward toward Taiwan. MTSAT infrared imagery. 7:14 am EDT. — NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) July 22, 2014 Suomi NPP satellite eyes Typhoon Matmo as it […]

Typhoon Matmo

More tropical activity is developing in the Western Pacific; Typhoon Matmo getting it’s act together and is expected to impact the Philippines, Taiwan, and China in the coming days.   Typhoon #Matmo / #HenryPH heading for Taiwan & east-central China. — Anthony Sagliani (@anthonywx) July 20, 2014 Typhoon #Matmo generating deep/cold convection -85°C as […]