Gawker’s Weather Survey

The great minds at The Vane recently offered a weather survey to its readers. The survey asked a few questions regarding the way the public responded in certain weather scenarios, as well as how they got weather information on a day-to-day basis. The results are pretty surprising, and of interest to us here at Wx […]

Bill Belichick Hates Weather Forecasts; Weather Channel Gets Last Laugh

Bill Belichick hates weather forecasts and he’ll tell you so.  This past weekend before the New England Patriots took on the Denver Broncos in Foxboro Stadium, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick went on an epic rant about how weather forecasts produced by meteorologists were always wrong.  See for yourself in the video from WCVB 5 […]

TV Weather Compromised?

    The possibility of a Time Warner Cable and Comcast merger may spell bad news for WeatherNation and other competition of The Weather Channel which has long been the dominate TV weather station. An article in The Washington Post brings to light just how powerful The Weather Channel has become: “The Weather Channel has become […]

TWC Launches ‘Weather Geeks’

The Weather Channel has teamed up with Dr. Marshall Shepherd, former president of the American Meteorological Society, to create a new show called ‘Weather Geeks.’  This show takes on a different format than most programs on TWC as it is simply an open discussion about hot topics in the weather world. Today’s show featured Dr. […]