Scorching Summer Weather Persists

Good Monday morning, everyone! Welcome to a new week. We were lucky to have nice weather for the 4th of July weekend. In fact, that pattern looks to stick around for a while. Scorching summer weather persists through this week. Zonal Pattern Keeps Things Repetitive Let’s take a look at the larger picture. Right now, […]

Spotty Showers for Memorial Day and Beyond

Good morning, everyone, and happy Memorial Day! As we remember those who sacrificed their lives for us back home, make sure to keep social distancing, but also enjoy the day! Although it will be warm, spotty showers are possible for Memorial Day and beyond. Memorial Day Tornado Outbreak: 1 Year Anniversary Around this time in […]

Are We Getting Ice and Snow?

For the second time this week, we’re under the threat of impactful winter weather. A complex system will make for a difficult forecast over the next 24-48 hours, without question. Let’s get right to it. Are we getting ice and snow? To begin, cloudy skies will hang around tonight, and well into Saturday. By sunrise […]

Breaking Down Monday’s Severe Threat

What started off as a wonderful Sunday has made way to increasing cloud cover and scattered showers this afternoon. Temperatures were able to achieve the mid 60s thanks to stout, southerly winds earlier, so at least we had that going for us… Cloud cover will hang around tonight, before potential inclement weather arrives as we […]

Weather Whirlwind In Store

It’s a warm start in the 60s for south central Kentucky this morning, thanks to strong winds pouring in out of the south. We’re already experiencing gusts exceeding 25 mph. This will take temps to the mid/upper 60s by early afternoon. Roller Coaster Ride Initiated Southerly winds will continue to increase through morning, with gusts […]

Active Week of Storm Chances Ahead

I’m happy to report the low stratus cloud deck that plagued the region throughout much of our Saturday has skirted off to the east, allowing rays of sunshine to take over.  Southerly winds will take over as an area of high pressure dips to our east, allowing for a nice warm up, with highs reaching […]

NASA Cloud Atlas

This is a map from NASA of 13 years of cloud cover. The white areas show where there has been considerable cloud cover and the blue areas show where there has been little to no clouds. The Washington Post wrote an article discussing the atmospheric circulations this image reveals. “You can see that clouds form […]

Mesospheric Gravity Waves

Following Brad Panovich on Twitter is always a good source for seeing interesting information on our atmosphere and it’s phenomena. Check out this video displaying something extremely rare and awesome that occurred over Kansas on June 5th…mesoscale gravity waves and sprites. Mesospheric Gravity Waves and Sprites over Western Kansas June 05 2014 0617 UT to […]

Sunday Morning Update

Real-time radar:   Today 6/1 – Mostly Cloudy / Afternoon Showers & T-storms – High 86° // Tonight – Mostly Cloudy / Isolated Showers– Low 69° 6am 67˚ – 9am 77˚ – 12pm 84˚ – 3pm 86˚ – 6pm 83˚ – 9pm 78˚ Good Sunday morning everyone. Today looks like much of the same old, same old […]