Rain and Strong Storms Possible this Week

Happy Monday to y’all across WABBLES, I hope everyone is bearing the cold right now, but rest assured, more warmth is coming. Well, warmth along with rain and storm chances.


Not a whole lot to talk about in terms of a forecast for today, things will remain quiet with no disturbances marching through other than upper level clouds. However, it will still not be a totally warm day with highs remaining in the lower 50s.

Model Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)


Tomorrow will feature similar conditions to today with no weather systems working through the region, but with some light clouds. The biggest change will be in the highs as we will likely break 70 across most, if not all, of WABBLES making for a rather nice day to be outside.

It is worth noting, that as that cold front pictured below advances towards us Tuesday evening into the overnight, we will begin to see some light rain chances.

WPC Frontal Chart for Tuesday


Wednesday will be our doozy day with the chances rain in the morning and for storms, some strong to severe, in the evening to overnight.

Model Future Radar Throughout Wednesday (Tropical Tidbits)

Any rain chances lingering over from Tuesday should be relatively light and not the main concern for the day. That will come as a cold front passes in the evening-overnight hours brining some chances for strong to severe storms. Currently, the SPC has a Marginal Risk (level 1/5) out for WABBLES for the threat of damaging winds and isolated spin up tornadoes.

SPC Day 3 Severe Weather Outlook

Wind energy will be more than sufficient for severe weather, like always with this time of year, the main question will of course fall on moisture and instability availability. If this cold front doesn’t pass until well into the overnight, or we don’t get enough destabilizing during the day, we will have a mitigated severe threat, but if the opposite happens, we will have a higher threat. Right now, odds are for less instability.

Greater moisture and subsequent instability looks to remain most favorable off to our west and southwest. Dew points look to fall apart a bit as the system and cold front advance west into WABBLES. This will be something to keep an eye on.

Model Moisture on Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

That will be it for this blog post my friends! I hope everyone enjoys the quiet and warmer first half of the week before rain once again returns. Stay safe out there and keep it tuned here for further updates, I will have our social media sites linked below where you can find frequent updates.

Have a blessed week!