Christmas Forecast and Beyond

Good morning, WABBLES! It is hard to believe that Christmas Eve is already here. The community could use the spirit and hope that comes with the holiday after the past couple of weeks as it has in no way been “normal”. To parallel this, your Christmas forecast and beyond is also a bit out of the ordinary as it will feel much like late spring as opposed to winter.

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For your Christmas Eve forecast, expect mostly cloudy skies and a high temperature near 66 degrees today. If you think 66 is warm, just wait until tomorrow! Sorry to all of the snow lovers out there, but a White Christmas, I’m afraid, is completely out of the cards.

Also beginning today, a gusty wind threat exists. We are expecting wind gusts of 25-35mph to impact the region throughout the day so it is imperative that any loose items, including Christmas decorations, are secure. As stated above, it will be mostly cloudy, but a slight chance of showers exists after midnight. The low will be around 60 degrees, and any showers that do move through the region will be gone by Christmas morning.

24-hr max wind gust map shows Warren County seeing max gusts at 32mph today (Pivotal Weather).

Christmas Day

Christmas Day will be dry with partly cloudy conditions with a whopping high expected to top out in the low 70s. The Christmas Day temperature record was previously set at 72 degrees and we do indeed have a chance of breaking that this year! Wow! With that being said, the winter boots aren’t necessary this year, so go ahead and dust off the sandals.

The temperature plot shows much of the South and East seeing temperatures way above normal for Christmas Day (Pivotal Weather).

We can again expect winds to be gusty on the order of 25-35mph throughout the day so be sure that nothing too valuable risks being blown away.


A cold front is expected to move through Saturday night which will bring high pressure to the region on Sunday. High pressure means sunny conditions and the passage of a cold front means temperatures will drop slightly to the low 60s.

Next week, however, will be quite active with chances of rain almost every single day. Temperatures too will stay well above normal for the rest of 2021. A look at the GFS model shows about 1.5 inches of rain by Friday of next week.

As of now, about 1.5-2 inches of rain is expected throughout the week next week, but that could increase as we move closer to the event (Pivotal Weather).

Well, that’s all for today, everyone! Please be sure to follow our live weather feed, @wxornotBG, on Twitter and have a very Merry Christmas!