A Mildly Active Pattern Returning

Good Monday Morning my friends! We have got quite the blog post for you today as there are a lot of details I have for you with a mildly active pattern returning.


Today will actually be rather uneventful thanks to the frontal passage and storms that went through last night and this morning. The front has passed and allowed some colder air and high pressure to begin to build in over the region.

WPC Frontal Chart for this Evening

As I mentioned above, the high pressure will be bringing some colder air. So, say goodbye to the warm temps (for a few days). Temps tomorrow will be in the mid-40s for the morning and then actually cool down into the 30s throughout the day. Basically, temperatures will be going in reverse.

Temps Throughout Today (Weathermodels.com)


On Tuesday, the high pressure will continue to build, leading to an ultimately quiet day in terms of weather.

WPC Frontal Chart Tuesday

Just as the high pressure will continue to build, so will the cold air, resulting in highs in the upper 30s across the areas. It will finally begin to feel like December out there, which could be a good thing or a bad thing for those of you.

Temps Throughout Tuesday (Weathermodels.com)


Wednesday we have more of the same, rather quiet weather here for WABBLES, but activity will be to the north of us. Looking to our north around the Ohio River, some snow showers are looking possible with minor accumulations early Wednesday. Unfortunately, this looks to stay out of our neck of the woods.

Future Radar Wednesday Morning (Weathermodels.com)

Other than that, it will be rather quiet around the region with highs recovering a bit to the mid to upper 40s around WABBLES.

Model Highs for Wednesday (weathermodels.com)


Thursday during the day looks to remain quiet once again, however, once we get into the overnight, it looks like rain chances will return. As of right now, this looks to be a predominantly overnight rain event that isn’t anything crazy.

Model Future Radar Thursday Night into Friday (TropicalTidbits.com)

The unfortunate thing about this pattern right now, is that models have been rather inconsistent with things past a couple of days. So, some changes are possible to the forecast mostly in the form of timing.

Highs on Thursday will warm up even more getting close to 60 like it has been this past week.

Model Highs Thursday (Weathermodels.com)


Friday is a good example of model variability, some of the models are split on the rain chances. Some are saying we will stay dry, and others are saying we have a solid chance at rain. Right now, where the pattern stands, I believe the chances for rain are certainly there.

WPC Frontal Chart for Friday

For those of you that really dislike the cold, you will be happy to hear that highs Friday will make their way into the mid to upper 60s. Are we sure this is December?

Model Highs Friday (Weathermodels.com)

Long Range

I want to talk briefly about the temperature pattern going into the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately for you snow lovers (me included), the overarching pattern looks to be sustained warmth with cold shots. Now, we will still get cold air, but not to the degree that one would think is normal for December.

Looking at the PNA, it looks to remain mostly in its negative phase. When in the negative phase, above-average temps are generally found in our region.

PNA Teleconnection Forecast (Weathermodels.com)

Switching over to the NAO, it looks to remain in its positive phase which also allows for above-average temps.

NAO Teleconnection Forecast (Weathermodels.com)

Now, these teleconnections aren’t absolute when it comes to helping predict temperature and weather patterns, but they are very reliable and worth heavy consideration. In the end I believe that going into the next week or two we will see dominating warmth. The Climate Prediction Center’s 6-10 day and 8-14 temperature outlook support this prediction.

CPC 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

CPC 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

That will be all for this blog post folks! I wish I brought better news for snow lovers, but winter is just now getting started! For now, I hope everyone can enjoy the warmth we will be getting. Our social media sites will be linked below and I encourage you to come visit for more up to date information.

Have a blessed week!