Hello, Sweater Weather!

Good morning, everyone! What a lovely week we have ahead of us! In essence, expect a surplus of sunshine and seasonally low humidity. Any and all chances for precipitation look to only take place briefly Thursday morning. Other than that, the weather will remind you that Autumn is in full swing!

This is the best weather! (GIPHY)

The Work Week

For the start of the week, that trend of comfortable conditions that we had over the weekend will continue thanks to the presence of high pressure. In other words, expect nothing more than an abundance of sunshine, calm winds, and low humidity. However, have a light jacket on hand, as temperatures will only peak in the lower 70’s.

This story changes only slightly by Thursday, as chances of showers arise from an approaching cold front. These will be brief and only produce light amounts of precipitation. Don’t worry, these will pass by in the morning, allowing for a the rest of the day to maintain mostly sunny skies!

Projected precipitation for the start of Thursday until 1pm (Pivotal Weather)

For Friday, dry conditions will return, though temperatures will be slightly cooler. Expect the high to only reach the mid 60’s this time around. Sweater weather? I think yes!

The Weekend

For the weekend, the story is much of the same. Both days will be filled with sunshine, making for a perfect weekend to spend outdoors. Once again, a sweater is more than necessary, as temperatures will only peak in the mid to upper 60’s in this time frame.

If you’re planning to have a bonfire, make sure to bundle up, as temperatures will linger in the lower 50’s. As of now, Saturday night is looking to be rather cloudy, but Sunday night will be mostly clear. So, save the star-gazing for the last night of the week!

Projected cloud cover for Sunday night (Pivotal Weather)

That’s it for now! Have a wonderful start to the week! For more, follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!