Here Comes the Official Start to Autumn

Good morning, everyone! A new season, Autumn, is right around the corner and our team is more than ready for this change of weather! Are you the same way? In today’s post, we will cover the storms that will accompany the final days of Summer and the calm, comfortable conditions that are to come to close out the week.

Us, because the official start of Autumn is coming up! (GIPHY)

Soaking Rains Pose Threat for Localized Flooding

(Outlook for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday)

For the start of the week, the gloom will remain in our forecast, with overbearing cloud cover and scattered chances for showers and storms. These will be consistent, bringing about the potential for heavy rainfall and lightning. Furthermore, there is a potential for localized flash flooding, so beware when on the roadways to and from your workplace, especially when in areas that are vulnerable (such as near streams or in low-lying areas).

We may see an accumulation of close to three inches of rainfall by the end of Wednesday!
(Weather Prediction Center)

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An abundance of moisture in the air will stick around (quite literally) for Monday and Tuesday. But, the passage of a cold front Wednesday will take that humidity with it, leaving us with comfortable conditions. Likewise, temperatures will be around the 80 degree mark Monday and Tuesday, but will peak about ten degrees cooler on Wednesday.

How fitting, considering Wednesday marks the official start of Autumn!

Lower Temperatures and Humidity Accompany the New Season

(Outlook for Thursday, Friday, & the Weekend)

For the remainder of the week, we will have sunshine across the board as high pressure sets in. This will allow for temperatures to be on the rise, starting out with high’s in the upper 60’s on Thursday and eventually reaching the mid 70’s by Sunday. Moreover, humidity will be out of the picture with the new season in place, promoting conditions that feel crisp and comfortable.

Check out those low dew points projected for Thursday morning into Friday evening! (Pivotal Weather)

If you plan on having a bonfire sometime this week, you should plan to have a sweatshirt or sweater to stay warm. As we cool down, low temperature’s for each day will trend in the mid 40’s to lower 50’s. This definitely puts us in the Autumn mood!

Trend of Dryness Next Week

(Outlook for Next Week)

This trend of placidness looks to carry on into the following week. In other words, expect drier than normal conditions, according to the Climate Prediction Center. Pair that with anticipated seasonal low humidity and what a wonderful first week of Autumn that is!

We stay dry for the upcoming week! (Climate Prediction Center)

That’s all for today! We hope you have a wonderful week! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!