Active Weather Trying to Make a Return

Good Thursday Morning Folks! I hope your work week has gone great and are almost ready for the weekend! I know I sure am.

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Starting out, a weak cold front coming in from the northwest will bring the chance for some spotty decaying storms.

Future Radar this Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

Any storms that will manage to remain intact by the time they get to WABBLES, will run the main risk of heavy rain and gusty winds.

In terms of the temperatures, expect highs to remain very muggy in the upper 80s. The very humid conditions outside will cause those highs to feel more in line with the mid 90s.

Model Projected High Temperatures (Pivotal Weather)


Friday should remain quiet overall with rain chances being very quite low. Scattered pop-up showers during the heat of the day are the main concern for rain.

Future Radar Friday (Pivotal Weather)

Highs will be very similar to what they will be today, very humid and in the upper 80s. I would again expect the feels like temperatures to be in the mid 90s.

Model Projected Highs (Pivotal Weather)


Saturday is where things start to get interesting in terms of the weather. A complex of storms will be working their way towards Kentucky Friday Night. How these storms evolve is very cloudy, pardon the pun, so it is a difficult forecast as of now.

Future Radar Friday Night into Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

I would say, as of right now, I don’t think the storms will be able to hold together until they get to WABBLES. This can certainly change, but I would not worry about this right now.

Highs on Saturday will actually be slightly cooler… but barely. Expect highs to remain in the lower 80s with feels like temperatures getting close to 90.

Model Highs on Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Overall, the active pattern is certainly trying to make a return but I believe storms will struggle to make it to us for the next few days.

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