The Heat Cranks Up

Well folks, today will be a quick blog post because there is not a whole lot to talk about. I know everyone is ready for it to warm up around here! That wish is going to come true in a big way as temperatures crank up this weekend!

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Taking temperatures to the max this weekend. (Giphy)

Today & The Weekend

The big player in the warmth that is coming our way is a large ridge over the eastern United States. This large dome of high pressure is not only going to keep us dry for the next several days, but also very warm. Warm air is being pumped in from the south while all the cooler air has been forced north and west.

High pressure dominates this weekend. (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures today are going to soar into the upper-80s under mostly sunny skies. Below are some safety tips if you will be outside this weekend. Again, the heat won’t be extreme but it is the first time this year we will be this hot across the region. If you have been holding out turning on the AC this year, that will probably change by tomorrow.

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Heat Safety (NWS)

Temperatures will run up into the upper-80s again on Saturday under mostly sunny skies. Winds are going to remain calm for the next few days so not much of breeze to help waive off the heat. By Sunday, temperatures will be in the low-90s.

Forecast temperatures on Sunday. ( Pivotal Weather)

The good news is that our dewpoints will be relatively low this weekend. We will be in the upper 50s today, and maybe the low 60s by Sunday. Come Monday, our dewpoints will be well into the mid-60s and that may add more of heat index into the forecast. Heat index might be into the mid-upper 90s for the beginning of next week. Overnight lows will be in the 60s the next several nights.

Forecast dewpoint through the weekend. (Pivotal Weather)

That will do if for today at WxorNotBG! Check back tomorrow morning as I will go more in-depth on how next week is panning out. Have a great weekend and stay cool!