Sunshine by Day, Showers by Night

Happy Sunday, everyone! If you’ve been loving the sunshine we’ve had so far this weekend, then you’ll love to hear that we have yet another day of sunshine in store for us. We won’t see chances of showers until nightfall. More details below!


Brief Disturbance Tonight

If you’re up and about early this morning, make sure you are dressed to cover up as much skin as possible. We will have dangerously low wind chills to start out the day. These may start out in the teens and reach above freezing around noon.

Projected wind chills for today from 5am-12pm (Pivotal Weather)

In the morning, temperatures may linger in the lower 20’s. By the afternoon, we will see our high reach the upper 40’s. At nightfall, temperatures will lower somewhat to the upper 30’s.

Projected temperatures for the entirety of today (Pivotal Weather)

We will close out our weekend with a chance of widespread showers that will start by night (around 9PM). These won’t stick around for long, as we’re expecting for them to clear out tomorrow morning (around 6AM). As for anticipated precipitation totals, WABBLES may see a range from 0.25 to 0.50 inches of rainfall.

Projected precipitation type from today at 9pm to tomorrow at 6am (Pivotal Weather)

More Sunshine on the Way

For the start of the new week, the quiet, dry trend will continue. However, our main concern up until the mid-week will be with patchy fog. Our days of interest are Monday Night/Tuesday Morning and Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning.

More on that in upcoming posts! Thank you for reading! Follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!