Weekend Ends on a Gloomy Note

Happy Sunday, everyone! We hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend so far! This one will end on a gloomy note, but don’t let that get in the way of any plans that you’ve made, because any chance for showers will be for tonight.

Today’s game plan! (GIPHY)

Mostly Cloudy Today

Today, we’ll see the return of high pressure in our region, though it won’t stick around for long. By the evening, a trough extending off of a low pressure system in the south will bring about chances for rain and snow showers into the early hours of the start of the new week.

Projected surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

Fortunately, these showers are only expected to produce a trace amount of precipitation, if any. As always, we do advise those that are out and about early in the morning the following day (Monday) to be cautious when on the way to work, as there may be patches of slush that make for slippery roads.

Predicted precipitation totals for tomorrow (Weather Prediction Center)

In the morning, temperatures will start out in the lower 40’s. It won’t warm up much more than that, as the high will reach the upper 40’s by the afternoon. Once the sun sets, we’ll see temperatures drop back down to the upper 30’s. Not much variation in temperature today, as shown below!

Predicted variation in temperature today
(National Weather Service)

Mid-Week Chance of Snow

As of now, next week is looking to start out placidly with decreasing clouds and cool temperatures. On Tuesday, we’ll see the return of precipitation, with a chance for rain and snow showers in the evening, carrying on into Wednesday morning.

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