High Pressure Causes an Increase in Temperatures

Good morning, WABBLES! I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday and a smooth start to the week. The weather will indeed be on your side the remainder of the week as high pressure causes an increase in temperatures.

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The weather this week, haha. (giphy.com)

Clouds Linger Around

We will still see a bit of cloud cover today due to a weak low pressure system in nearby Arkansas. I’m thinking we will be partly to mostly cloudy all day with more exposure to the sun than what yesterday brought.

By tonight, this low pressure will have significantly decreased bringing a change to the temperatures around here. More on that later…

Low pressure very weak in northern MS allowing for high pressure to dominate our region. (wpc)

In terms of today, temperatures will climb to the low 40s and the overnight low will hit near 30 under partly cloudy skies

High Pressure Dominates

Beginning Wednesday, high pressure will really grip the region and the even the lower 48 as a whole. All the way through Friday evening, this high pressure will keep us dry and cause our temperatures to rise.

Beginning Wednesday and lasting through Friday, we will also see plentiful sunshine.

On Wednesday, the high reaches 56 degrees marking a huge warmup. Our warmest day will be Friday with a high of 62. Get out there and enjoy this well above-average “December” weather.

Temperatures in the high 50s around noon on Saturday. They will continue to rise from there. (Pivotal Weather)

A Look Ahead

Jumping ahead to a week to two weeks out, the Climate Prediction Center has predicted that our area over this time has a high probability of seeing above average temperatures.

About a 70% probability for our region to see above average temperatures 1 to 2 weeks out. (Pivotal Weather)

This is still pretty far out, but it is a good parameter to begin looking at to determine if we have a chance at seeing a white Christmas.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading. Be sure to to follow our live weather feed on Twitter, @wxornotBG, and on Facebook and Instagram. Have a great day!