One More Dry Day Before Wet Weather Returns

Good Tuesday morning, everyone! The weather pattern has been a bit sporadic lately but this makes sense for late November. We will enjoy one more dry day before wet weather returns on Wednesday.

Right before sunrise this morning at WKU. (White Squirrel Weather)

Quiet Today

Today, we are still working to clear out, with the help from high pressure, from the system that brought extreme dreariness on Sunday. With that being said, we will see pleasant conditions with partly sunny skies today.

The high will reach about 60 degrees, but will likely feel a bit cooler due to the wind. Heading for the region is a strong cold front that will increase the wind speed throughout the day. By afternoon, gusts could be as high as 25mph.

Overnight, winds pick up with gusts around 30mph, and rain arrives a few hours before sunrise. The overnight low will drop to 50 degrees.

Bowling Green’s max wind gust by 6am tomorrow is 31mph. (Pivotal Weather)

Wet Wednesday

The rain will continue into Wednesday bringing yet another dreary day into WABBLES. The main factor here, won’t be the rain however, it will be the wind. Again, sustained winds and gusts will increase on Wednesday as the cold front moves nearer and sets up to move through at 6pm. Localized gusts could reach 40mph or even greater yielding the risk for downed tree branches, garbage cans/grills being tossed, etc.

Cold front over Bowling Green right around dinner time. (wpc)

Make sure your things are secured by Wednesday! All in all, I’m thinking we see about 0.3-0.5 inches of rain out of this system before it moves out Wednesday night. The high will be a very mild 65 degrees and the overnight low will be 44.

Saturday Night Live Nbc GIF by HULU
Don’t let this be you, haha. (

Turkey Day

The wind and rain exit the region just in time for Thanksgiving! No matter what your Thanksgiving Day may look like this, we have a great forecast in store. Expect it to be mostly sunny with a high near 60 degrees. Sounds pretty great to me!

That’s all for today’s post. Be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving.