Timing of Cold Front Makes for Split Forecast

Happy Veterans Day! Today’s forecast is going to be split due to the timing of a cold front. In other words, the conditions that we will see for the first half of the day will differ greatly from the other half. So, for today’s post, we will go into detail on what to expect so you won’t be deceived in any way.

It’s about to get juicy…(Giphy)

A Detailed Outlook for Today

Today, a cold front that extends over the entirety of the Midwest will be passing through our area in the morning hours. This will bring about consistent morning showers and the chance for pesky pop-up’s until the evening. However, these will only produce a trace amount of precipitation.

Projected surface map for 6am today (Weather Prediction Center)

Moreover, this frontal passage will introduce cooler temperatures into our forecast. This morning, temperatures were in the upper 60’s, which will be our high for the day, as the front will only allow for temperatures to stick around the upper 50’s this afternoon. By nightfall, these will plummet further to the upper 40’s.

Projected temperatures from 4pm to midnight (Pivotal Weather)

Fortunately, the amount of moisture in the air will start out oppressive in the morning, then decrease substantially. Therefore, for most of the day, the air will feel rather dry. With the pairing of a gentle breeze, this will make for a comfortable end to the day.

Look at how defined that cold front is! (Pivotal Weather)

Also, cloud coverage will lessen throughout the day. We will see a cloudy morning turn into a sunny afternoon. If you can, get outdoors to soak up some sun before it sets!

Beautiful End to the Work Week

For the rest of the work week, we will see these favorable conditions carry on. We can expect sunny days, mostly clear nights, low humidity, and comfortable temperatures that will only peak in the lower 60’s and drop to the upper 30’s. If you haven’t made plans for these upcoming days, now’s your chance to!

That’ll do it for today’s post! Thank you so much for reading! For more information, follow us on our other social platforms!

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