More Gloom with Rain on the Horizon

Good morning, everyone! I don’t know about anyone else but yesterday’s chill and cloud cover reminded me of a dreary winter day (of course a bit warmer) without the snow. I personally didn’t mind, as I love winter, but some folks did and unfortunately for them is more gloom on the way with rain on the horizon.

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Sorry about the news of the gloom (
Busy surface map this morning. (wpc)

What’s in Store for your Tuesday

Conditions today will be somewhat similar to what we saw yesterday. Thick clouds will make for mostly cloudy conditions in the morning. A sprinkle or two is possible in the morning hours so beware on your commute to work. I think after lunchtime those pesky clouds will begin to thin allowing for a few rays of some sunshine to come through.

Clouds (in blue) look like they try hard to dissipate in our region. Sun exposure will be limited tomorrow. (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures do get a tad warmer today breaking into the low 60s with the help of the sun. The air will still have a bit of a bite to it, however, so I suggest a light jacket.

Overnight, the low will drop to a chilly 48 degrees.

Rain For Wednesday and Thursday

Unfortunately, our next system to impact us with wet weather arrives on Wednesday. We will be mostly cloudy to start the day with the rain arriving in the early afternoon. Showers look to be consistent through the day and into the overnight with only a few breaks here and there.

The NAM has showers and maybe even some storms moving through Wednesday around 1pm. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s a lot of the same story on Thursday with rain washing out the day. Both days the high will climb to a seasonal temperature in the mid 60s.

Well, that’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on Twitter, @wxornotBG, for live weather updates. Have a great rest of the week.